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Advanced course


You have completed your initiation course and you want to continue in this great activity?

So youare  in the right place.

In this 5-day course, we suggest that you continue to improve your skills in order to move towards autonomy on a known site, through the discovery of thethermal  and associated exercises toto access.

The content of this formula will take you from your first flights to the initial certificate (several courses may be necessary to get there.).


The first day consists of a refresher course and confirmation of what you have learned on the school slope, which can be followed by a flight.

The first flights of the day will be devoted to the search for autonomy interspersed with a few exercises which will allow us to prepare for thermal flight.

The last flight of the day can be dedicated to the duration flight.

If the conditions allow it, we will be able to redo some inflation in order to perfect our technique in inflation against the sail.

We will carry out a debriefing followed by a theoretical course.


Hold a medical certificate of no contraindications to the practice of free flight dating from less than 2 years preceding the start of the training. For minors: hold parental authorization.

Be licensed at the FFVL

Have completed an initiation course 

5 Jours


N'inclus pas le prix de

la licence obligatoire

Services included

•    paragliding lessons
•    theoretical grand flight preparation courses
•     inflation sessions 
•    les navettes pour accéder aux pentes-écoles, aux sites de grand vol et        in case of landing off the ground
•    your FFVL progress passport, which will be validated by your instructor and will be used later in your future training.

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