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Tutoyer les nuages !

Objectif Thermique



5 Jours

you dream of flying with your own wings, the initiation course is made for you.
Ecrins free flight and its team of passionate flight instructors will help you:

big flight goal!!!

Imagine yourself, finally alone in the air comfortably installed with the only passenger, the radio, reassuring in permanent contact with your instructor 
during this great flight of 800 meters in altitude, you will have time to admire the landscape but also to fly your paraglider 


7 Personnes Max

Formation certifiante

Stage parapente Hautes alpes - Perfectionnement
Stage parapente Hautes alpes - Perfectionnement
Stage parapente Hautes alpes - Perfectionnement


In small groups (7 people maximum), each at their own pace, we progress towards the first "big flights" while ensuring maximum safety at each stage of the progression.

Non-flying days are postponed.
The first days: the course takes place on a school slope, which allows you to familiarize yourself with the equipment and learn the basics of solo take-off.

Theoretical lessons will also prepare you for the first major flights.

When you have reached the sufficient level, you will be able to make your first big flight, connected by radio to your instructor.

An Educational Tandem flight can be offered so that you can discover accompanied paragliding.
You are entirely guided on the first flights, then you will be gradually “released” by the radio to begin to become autonomous. We will make you discover the different axes of movement of the paraglider (Roll, Pitch) 
the course takes place over one continuous day.


Certificat médical

Certificat Médical de non contre indications à la pratique du vol libre 

Hold a medical certificate of no contraindications to the practice of free flight dating from less than 2 years preceding the start of the training. For minors: hold parental authorization from the parents.

Services Inclus


Leçon de parapente (Gonflage + vol)


Cours théoriques


La Navette

Le passeport de progression FFVL

couv PVL.jpg

Avoir réaliser un stage initiation


Licence FFVL obligatoire, non inclus dans le prix du stage !

Affaires à prendre

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